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Posted - 17 Oct 2011 :  10:48:02  Show Profile Send Dmans1 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
With the exception of Tiags getting blown out of the sky for no reason, it was an excellent experience. No warps, good datalink/radar/RWR spots, and the mirage... love at first sight :)

My online experience is limited with BMS but it seems like it is an all or nothing case. Either everything will work flawless, or everyone will have issues. At least it is very easy to identify them when entering cockpit so ppl can quickly back out and give it another try.

+1 from me for last night.

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Posted - 17 Oct 2011 :  21:48:46  Show Profile Send Novac a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The 1st BMS TE night was a positive experience for me.

But we did have 1 or 2 problems.

1. Griffin warping across the HSD at warp factor 9 (Observed by all members of our flight)

2. For me, no launch warnings of SA5 despite several missiles being fired at me. (Tried the same TE offline tonight and got launch warnings!)

Other that AFAIK we could all see the same threats etc.

The pre-flight briefing/planning requires a lot of data to be entered into the "data cartridge" We had to manually add 12 threat circles for the AAA & SAMs + add 7 Pre planed stp's for the SAM's we intended to attack, and discus who was attacking what. (mixture of HARM's & MAV's)
We were just on the final part when "Flight Leads call ready" was announced after 20mins.
This was before discussing A2A tactics!
OK, This was our 1st time at planning with BMS and it will become faster.

So for ME only 2 negative/questionable points regarding MP.

I'd like to think BMS can replace AF
But more 12+ ship testing required I think.

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Posted - 18 Oct 2011 :  11:34:47  Show Profile  Send PJC an ICQ Message Send PJC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Seems you guys are moving in the direction of BMS adoption although I apppreciate no formal decision has been made.

I have dusted off the old Saitek and have been practising off line with a custom made DirectX call back profile. So far offline I like it very much and I am fortunate it seems to run ok on my machine.

My personal schedule still does not allow me to make Sundays unfortunately but I would like to fly online again with the squad during the week from 20.30 UK onwards. Could someone PM me the current TS details so I might join in some flights during the week and help get back up to speed. It has been a long time and I am frustratingly crap atm but relearning all the time.
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Posted - 18 Oct 2011 :  18:47:21  Show Profile Send Vosene a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Will be great to see you online PJC.

TS3 TS details are here - http://www.185th.co.uk/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3712

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Posted - 20 Oct 2011 :  12:29:49  Show Profile Send Crowebar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Novac Found this in the BMS manual, page 13 under DTE operation. So we the TE builder can put the threat circles on when building TE.

After building a TE and saving it, the pilot exits back to the main UI, and reenters the TE like he was going to fly. He stops the clock and then builds any Target steerpoints, Preplanned threats and LINES (as described below) he wishes for the mission to have as defaults. After building the points, he opens up the DTC and hits the Save button. This will store those values into the TEmissionname.ini file

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Posted - 20 Oct 2011 :  17:05:11  Show Profile Send tiag a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Next BMS mission I will save your time with the DTE. I did not have the time to do it last time, due to RL commitments.

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Posted - 20 Oct 2011 :  18:36:54  Show Profile Send Reds a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've been testing the weapons delivery planner for BMS, it adds all the sam sites for you automatically , which will save planning time on a sunday , lots of other nice goodies also . Very nice tool .
As a reference to Novacs issues on planning time this could be a solution , its a bit lazy i know but i've been flying offline alot and adding the sams is a bit monotinous now and you can fully plan a mission with the wdp much quicker and with the same features . It might conflict with our Sunday TE but its worth looking at i think .

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