on 25 October 2021
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185th Moves to 4.35.3
Posted by Vosene on 24 Oct 2021 :  10:50:20


With immediate effect, 185th VFS moves to install standard BMS 4.35 U3.

This can be downloaded here: https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/21392/falcon-bms-4-35-u3-incremental-installer

or here for a non-torrent: https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/21409/download-non-torrent-file-of-bms

YOU MUST ADD THE U3 HOTFIX AS DETAILED HERE: https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/21417/attention-action-needed-for-u3-update

Please ensure you have updated to U3 for the mission on Sunday 24 October.

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185th VFS are on Discord
Posted by Sabre on 04 Mar 2021 :  22:34:44

We are active on Discord as 185th VFS.

Live twitch stream every Sunday.

Watch for Links and come and say Hello.

No fences were harmed during this sortie.

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Sqn Rollback to 4.34.4
Posted by Vosene on 14 Mar 2021 :  22:35:11

We ran a TE tonight to try and minimize any issues with 4.35.1. Unfortunately we still had 2 people have a CTD at exactly the same time.

Clearly we donít want to spoil peopleís Sunday night experience and we have therefore made the decision to roll back to 4.34.4 until such time as the CTD issues are resolved.

Next week, Sunday 21st March, we will therefore start a Balkans campaign in 4.34.4. You can find the campaign download here: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?35535-Balkans-Theater-for-Falcon-BMS-4-34

If you have any preference for which Balkans campaign we should fly please let us know.

For non-official flights, the host can decide if they want to run 4.35.1 or 4.34.4. Please make it clear what version you will be running when you advertise the event.

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SOP 2 & 3 Updated for BMS 4.35
Posted by Vosene on 12 Mar 2021 :  19:20:05

With the Sqn moving to BMS 4.35 SOP 2 - Install and Setup and SOP 3 - MP have been updated for 4.35.

They are available here:


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185th Moves to 4.35
Posted by Vosene on 08 Mar 2021 :  00:15:53

As of Monday 8th March, 185th VFS officially moves to BMS 4.35 Update 1 as the Sqn install standard.

Sqn members are requested to keep 4.34.4 installed in case we need to move back due to CTD issues.

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