on 21 November 2017
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No Official Missions on Sunday 24th&31st December
Posted by Vosene on 12 Nov 2017 :  23:00:20

Due to the Christmas holiday season there will be no official Sunday flights on either 24th or 31st December. If anyone wants to fly an unofficial mission then please post a flight in the ATO so others can join if they wish.

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No Official Flight on Sunday 30 April
Posted by Vosene on 24 Apr 2017 :  18:53:56

Due to the public holiday on Monday 01 May and several memebers being LOA as a result, it has been agreed that there will not be an official flight on Sunday 30 April. For those wanting to fly, Zipgun has kindly agreed to host a mission in his Theatre. Details to follow in a post shortly.

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Update to 4.33 U3
Posted by Griffin on 02 Jan 2017 :  22:14:14

All members of the 185th are to update their Falcon install to U3 ready for the first flight of the year.

While you're at it, remember to have to right theatre installed for the new campaign.

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Merry X-mas to all of you 185th pilots
Posted by Tracer on 16 Dec 2016 :  20:44:33

Merry X-mas and a happy new year to all of you 185th pilots

Brgds Tacer former CO 185th

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Xmas scamming and phishing season has started
Posted by Sabre on 09 Dec 2016 :  18:31:23

Heads up Gentlemen,
Emails purporting to come from the 185th domain are being circulated with attachments containing a virus probably an encryption virus.

e.g. I received one from
Jessie <Jessie855@185th.co.uk> with an attachment

Dear web,

Please find attached documents as requested.

Best Regards,

This is not a valid 185th email address we do not have personally named email addresses.

Sabre was here

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