on 01 December 2020
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21st Anniversary Video
Posted by Vosene on 05 Aug 2020 :  23:38:41

Delighted to announce that the 185th VFS 21st Anniversary Flight video is now up.

Huge thank you to Noodle for producing the video and to everyone who took part in the mission.

Also a big thank you to everyone who captured footage on the night, especially Tomy.

Now grab some popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy.


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A Thank You 21 Years in the Making
Posted by Vosene on 02 Jul 2020 :  23:37:31

On the 3rd July 1999, a group of Falcon enthusiasts set up the 185th Virtual Fighter Squadron to enjoy Falcon 4.0 MP together. 21 years later and, while all but one of those original members may have changed, the Squadron is still going strong, enjoying Falcon BMS MP together.

There was only ever going to be one way to celebrate our 21st Anniversary, by taking part in a Multiplayer mission on Friday 3rd July, 21 years to the day since our Squadron was created. We have past and presents members of the Squadron taking part and the mission will include an elephant walk, coordinated attack on an enemy airfield and a mass fly past. One of our members, Noodle, will be streaming the event on Twitch from around 2030UK (1930UTC, 1530EDT): https://twitch.tv/185th_noodle

Thank you to everyone who has contributed as a member of the 185th VFS over these many years, our longevity is down to all of your contributions, friendship and shared passion for our great hobby.

Finally, to everyone who has made this simulator something we all still have a passion for and to a community we are fortunate to be a part of, thank you for all of your amazing contributions.

Here’s to the next 21 years.

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185th is 21 in 2020
Posted by Griffin on 17 Jan 2020 :  09:29:07

I don't know the exact date on which the 185th was formed, but this year we are 21 years old. Wow!

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Multi-Ship Event for Update 3
Posted by Griffin on 21 Mar 2020 :  14:01:56

Last night (20th March) we joined other like minded pilots on Falcon Lounge for a mass fun flight. A good time had by all accompanied by some decidedly wayward flying and close misses, which just added to the fun.

Noodle, Fisty, Vosene and I had fun.

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New Install Standard - 4.34 Update 3
Posted by Vosene on 20 Mar 2020 :  10:04:30

The 185th official install standard is now 4.34 Update 3.

Please ensure you have this installed and ready prior to your next online flight.

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