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 Russian Bear 2018 Mission 12 (24 June)
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Posted - 18 Jun 2018 :  18:06:27  Show Profile Send Fisty a Private Message  Reply with Quote

185th VFS – RUSSIAN BEAR 2018 – Mission 12 – 24 June 2018

Gentlemen, as you are aware, the previous mission was scrubbed due to an imminent attack on Gallivare, that was expertly repelled by the heroic exploits of pilots from the 185th (but mostly Blue Flight! :)).
In the meantime, the Coalition advance towards ALFRY has continued, with Leopards of the Swedish 15th Armd Bn capturing TALLVIK, whilst the US 10th Armd Bn pushed through for the assault on ALFRY, defended by a single T62 Bn. It was expected that Russian T80 tanks from the 2nd and 20th Bn would push up from PAKILLA to support the defence of ALFRY (ear-marked for last week's mission). However, in an unexpected feint, the 2nd has held at PAKILLA, whilst the 20th has swung South-west towards VITTVATNET. It is not clear whether this maneuver is intended as a supporting move for the T80 Bn defending VITTVATNET, or whether it is an intentional flanking move designed to trap the US 10th Armd Bn west of ALFRY.
Nevertheless, they cannot be allowed to hinder the Coalition advance and must be stopped.
The image below shows the Area of Operation (AoR), as well as the 20th Tank Bn's suspected direction of advance.

There is little in the way of Air Defence in the AoR, but recent flights have highlighted the presence of Russian SU30, SU33 and Mig29S flying out of VUOJARVI, OULU and PYHASALMI to the south. These aircraft pose a clear and present threat to air operations and must be considered when filling flights.
The mission is to destroy or damage the 20th Tank Bn, advancing east towards VITTVATNET and weapons permitting, a second T80 Bn situated within the town itself.
The package will consist of 2x 4* AI and a 4* ESCORT.
Flight Plan

Flight		Task	        TO            PP          TOT       IDM/VHF	TACAN	FL	Laser	
Cowboy1	 AI 	      05:03         05:10        05:17         1   	11/74	200	161*
Falcon1	 AI	      05:05         05:11        05:18         2   	16/79	220	162*
Lobo1		ESC	      05:01          N/A         05:16         3    	21/84  >250	N/A

1. Package Cdr is Cowboy11, who is also IDM Host
2. Weapon choice is free.


AI: Minumum 3x Tanks destroyed per aircraft at the TGT (aggregated per flight) and Flt RTB.
ESCORT: No losses to package from enemy air threats and Flt RTB.

AI: Minumum 2x Tanks destroyed per aircraft at the TGT (aggregated per flight).
ESCORT: 1x loss to enemy air threat (package).

All flights: 1x pilot fails to RTB (excluding losses to enemy air)
AI: Insufficient damage to target (ie, less than 2 kills per aircraft)
ESCORT: >2 losses to enemy air threat (package).

Flight Leads in this Sunday's official campaign mission, "Russian Bear 2018 Mission 4" are requested to post a debrief of their flights actions, including any lessons learned or that should be learned by others.

Please put the following information at the top of your post:
Flight Role: (SEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, Etc..)
Callsign11: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign12: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign13: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign14: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT


The 4 things a wingman is allowed to say:

2.Lead, you're on fire.
3.I'm bingo fuel.
4.I'll take the fat one.... :/


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Posted - 25 Jun 2018 :  17:16:43  Show Profile  Visit utopic's Homepage  Send utopic an ICQ Message Send utopic a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Flight Role: ESCORT
Fury11: "Utopic" AA=3 AG=0 RTB
Fury12: "Zipgun" AA=3 AG=0 RTB
Fury13: "Poppy" AA=3 AG=0 RTB
Fury14: "Fisty" AA=6 AG=0 RTB


We were able to take off without having the airbase attacked, but it didn't take long after the whole flight was in the air and magic tried to divert us towards and enemy flight towards the west coast. We had different job so we continued to the target area.

Soon after, we had the first enemy group heading our way and we committed. We had one after another enemy group, it was a bit too busy to discuss each engagement. Overall I'd say the Escort did OK overall.

The timing was OK as well, since when we finally cleared the area west of the AI engagement zone, we had a call from Cowboy confirming he was RTB.

We called RTB, with Cowboy11 in front and Cowbow13 behind the escort.

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Posted - 25 Jun 2018 :  17:47:30  Show Profile Send Floyd a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Flight Role: AI
Cowboy11: "Floyd" AA=0 AG=5 RTB
Cowboy12: "Mango" AA=0 AG=0 Eject
Cowboy13: "Sabre" AA=0 AG=0 RTB


After an uneventful takeoff and setting up the AGMs,
#3 lost all comms. Ordered to orbit, we've waited
for the Escort to clear the path.

#2 flew too low (3000 feet) on the first attack run and
was shot down by an SA-19 and AAA and had to eject.

After two more attack runs #1 and #3 returned to base.
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