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 Russian Bear 2018 Mission 1 (18th March)
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Posted - 14 Mar 2018 :  18:23:03  Show Profile Send Floyd a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Russia has invaded Finland. NATO forces must repulse the attack
before it advances into Norway and Sweden.

The 185th squadron, flying the F-16CM-52 out of Gallivare, is ordered
to attack multiple tank battalions north east of Solankyla airbase,
around the city Tanhua.

AWACS support is available.

The picture shows the route to our taget and the typical mix of units
in a Russian tank battalion.

Package 3

Lobo2 is a 4-ship AI flight.
Mission success is given for 50% hit ratio of fired munition,
PS is given for 25% hit.

Panther2 is a 4-ship Escort flight.
Mission success is given for no losses to Lobo2 by A2A,
PS is given for 50% loss max.

Python2 is a 4-ship SEAD flight.
Mission success is given for no losses to Lobo2 and Panther2 by radar SAM,
PS is given for 50% loss max.

All flights are from the 185th squadron, flying the F-16CM-52,
taking off from Gallivare.

Navigation data for Gallivare:
Tacan Channel:	018X
Tacan range (nm):	25
ILS freq (rwy):		108.10 (30)
Tower freq (UHF):	-----
Tower freq (VHF):	122.20
Runway:			12/30
Runway elev. (ft):	1,020

IDM will be from human pilot in Panther2.
Python21 is package commander.


Flight		Task	        TO		TOT		IDM		VHF		TACAN	FL

Lobo2		AI		10:25	10:48	 1		 1		11/74	230
Panther2	        Escort	10:21	10:41 	 2		 2		16/79	270
Python2		SEAD	10:23	10:33	 3		 3		21/84	250

Flight paths and weapons are free.
The weather is poor at home plate and fair at the target.

Good Hunting



Flight Leads in this Sunday's official campaign mission, "Russian Bear 2018 Mission 1" are requested
to post a debrief of their flights actions, including any lessons learned or that should be
learned by others.

Please put the following information at the top of your post:

Flight Role: (SEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, Etc..)
Callsign11: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign12: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign13: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign14: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT



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Posted - 15 Mar 2018 :  16:52:46  Show Profile Send Griffin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
In addition to Floyd's post please ntoe the following SOP due to the lack of UHF tower frequencies.

Tower frequency shall be on VHF 15 122.200
When on this frequency each flight shall be on UHF 16, 17 and 18 for pre-flight set up and the same when landing.

When airborne, the usual VHF channels shall be in play and UHF shall be our tactical channel 6 as normal.

I hope that's simple enough. [:-)]

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Posted - 18 Mar 2018 :  21:46:03  Show Profile Send Vosene a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Flight Role: SEAD
Python21: "Vosene" AA=1 AG=1 RTB
Python22: "Sabre" AA=0 AG=0 RTB



Engage any AD threats over the target. Only one in brief was 2S6 with SA-19.Then CAP West of Escort and engage any threat coming from the South.


Package was ROLEX+ due to AI difficulty in boresighting due to weather. Eventually this was complete. Closer to the target, Package picked up an SA-10 to the South that was a possible factor so Python 11 engaged and killed the Flap Lid.

Python then moved onto CAP while waiting for Panther2, who also had HARMS, to kill AD threats over target. Once this was completed #2 went A2G looking for targets. #1 continued on CAP and picked up a 2-ship of Su-30M scrambling from the South and handed it over to Panther2 as Python22 was heads down and stripped. Python 22 made 2x HARM shots at AAA but both shots landed just short of the target.

After Panther2 were all cold, Python 2 turned hot and engaged #1 of a further 2-ship Su-30M but the bandit managed to drag out the missile. The 2 bandits then got into a furball with 2x friendly hornets with one killed by the Hornets before a Hornet was shot down by an Su-30M. The other Su-30M was splashed by a 2nd slammer shot from Python21 to delouse the remaining Hornet.

Python2 prepared to support Panther2 who were engaging a further 2-ship of Su-30M but they had it covered. By this time Lobo2 were off target so Python2 went Close Escort while Panther2 mopped up the last of the Su-30M.

Uneventful egress with an ILS approach onto R30. #1 landed first time but #2 had to go around and he then coordinated with Lobo2 who were on approach behind us. After a further go around due to crosswind, he completed a visual circuit and landed without issues.

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Posted - 18 Mar 2018 :  21:54:38  Show Profile Send Griffin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Flight Role: AI
Lobo21: "Griffin" AA=0 AG=4 EJT
Lobo22: "Echion" AA=0 AG=4 RTB
Lobo23: "Floyd" AA=0 AG=6 RTB
Lobo24: "Mango" AA=0 AG=0 RTB


Departure was good albeit with some IVC issues that were resolved.

Boresighting for our Maverics was difficult due to poor visibility. No4 didn't manage to complete this procedure.

We continued our climb to FL230 to the target area. Valid targets were easy to find and we attacked in trail. I launched four missiles on my pass and had four kills for it. I committed a cardinal sin and went below our hard deck of FL150 by some considerable way. I had some lag that threw my concentration but not so much to excuse dropping to 7000'. I paid for this with three SA-19's up my jacksy and I ejected.

Over to you Floyd...

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Posted - 18 Mar 2018 :  22:11:36  Show Profile  Visit utopic's Homepage  Send utopic an ICQ Message Send utopic a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Flight Role: ESCORT
Panther21: "Utopic" AA=0 AG=0 RTB
Panther22: "Aim" AA=1 AG=1 RTB
Panther23: "Zipgun" AA=0 AG=2 RTB
Panther24: "Fisty" AA=2 AG=0 RTB


After taking off and holding until Lobo boresighted, we had 2 A-A engagements; The first one was more dicey since we had F18s mixed with hostiles.

The second one was more straightforward, and both bandits were taken out by Fisty.

Afterwards we RTBed and landed after some holding and going around due to multiple go-arounds.

Ok mission overall, we probably didn't need to also carry Harms.
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Posted - 19 Mar 2018 :  08:52:37  Show Profile Send Floyd a Private Message  Reply with Quote
After #1 was shot down #3 took the lead and the flight continued the counterclockwise
attack run. #2 and #3 got their missiles off, but the flight had to head north east
to separate from a group of SU-30 in the south. After the area was clear again
we went in to renew our attack, but #4 had problems with the MFDs, so the
flight RTB under the air cover of Panther and Python.
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