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 ITO 2018 Mission 15 (28th January)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Griffin Posted - 22 Jan 2018 : 15:01:43
The FLOT continues to progress north, particularly on the west coast.

Our troops are approaching Sayda from the south and are hitting the enemy with artillery. Below is a recce shot taken after our last sortie left the area.

You are tasked with destroying assets in both the 292nd Tank Battalion and the 13th AAA towed battalion in order to help in the final capture of Sayda.

Be aware that a reinforcement of SA-8 has been seen in the NE heading south. There have also been some losses to other flights from SA-6 and Sa-17s in the east so stay feet wet as much as possible.

Fist 3 and Gypsy 5 are from the 4329th squadron and Hunter 6 is from the 107th squadron, both at Hezarim AB.

Recovery air base is at Ben Gurion, runway 32/14, UHF 331.00, tacan 082X.

Package 20995
Fist 3 and Gypsy 5 are four ship AI flights. MS is for destruction of an average of 4 targets per pilot, with PS for a 2 per pilot average.

Hunter 6 is the four ship Escort and Package Commander.
MS is no losses from air threats. PS is given for 1 loss.

IDA will be from Hunter 6.


TO for Fist 3 is 12:37hrs with cruise altitude at FL250. IDM 1, VHF 1, tacan 11/74.

TO for Gypsy 5 is 12:39hrs with cruise altitude at FL240. IDM 2, VHF 2, tacan 16/79.

TO for Hunter 6 is 12:35hrs with cruise altitude at FL280. IDM 3, VHF 3, tacan 21/84.

Flight path is fixed for mutual support.

The weather is fair at home plates and fair at the target.

Weapons choice is free.

Good Hunting


Flight Leads in this Sunday's official campaign mission, "ITO 2018 Mission 15" are requested to post a debrief of their flights actions, including any lessons learned or that should be learned by others.

Please put the following information at the top of your post:

Flight Role: (SEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, Etc..)
Callsign11: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign12: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign13: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign14: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT


3   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Sabre Posted - 04 Feb 2018 : 14:13:21
Flight Role: AI
Fist31: "Sabre" AA=0 AG=2 KIA
Fist32: "Echion" AA=0 AG=4 RTB
Fist33: "Fisty" AA=1 AG=5 RTB


Fairly quiet start, Idiot Sabre was shot down because he fixated on getting a solid cross for the Maverick instead of getting out of dodge.
Fisty and Echion did a good job with their mavericks.

Mango and Vosene LOA

No fences were harmed during this sortie.
Griffin Posted - 30 Jan 2018 : 15:56:44
Flight Role: Escort

Hunter 61: "Griffin" AA=2 AG=0, RTB
Hunter 62: "Floyd" AA=3 AG=0, RTB

First in the air we headed to the target at FL280. When we got to the target area we could see the enemy in Sadya were being pummelled by artillery. We advised the other flights and gave them new targets north of the city. These were conveniently located on a patch of desert and easy to find.

We then settled down for our CAP, one heading east as the other headed west, thus keeping a wary eye on the enemy territory at all times. It was very quiet for the most part and the strike flights were allowed to attack without worry.

However, soon after Fist 3 had finished their attack and the remaining two aircraft joined us to bolster our CAP presence, the skies started to get busy. First up were SU-24 bombers, followed by SU-22 and MiG 23MLs. Between us we took care of them all.

After Utopic's flight were finished we held back to cover their six. The sneaky enemy decided to come in side on and Utopic had to engage the MiG 23's as described by Utopic above.

The landings were nicely co-ordinated and we all came in to land one after the other. A nice flight.

utopic Posted - 28 Jan 2018 : 22:17:04
Flight Role: AI
Gipsy51: "Utopic" AA=0 AG=6 RTB
Gipsy52: "Aim" AA=0 AG=5 RTB
Gipsy53: "Zipgun" AA=1 AG=5 RTB


When cleared in, we started the AG attack, we had both stationary and moving targets. We started to engage, but needed multiple passes due to needing to lase.

When finished the attack, we went south planning to RTB. I noticed some contacts, I didn't really expect it, but declared them anyway. They were hostile, I called it on U6, with the intention to monitor.

Unfortunately they kept getting close to us, so we had to engage.
We sorted and fired, but I had no idea that a pair of F15 had just gotten between us and the bandits.

The AA engagement turned a bit messy, with Zipgun taking one out and the F15 taking out the other.

After the engagement, we RTBed with nothing out of the ordinary.

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