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 ITO 2018 Mission 13 (14th January)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Griffin Posted - 10 Jan 2018 : 21:57:26
The target this week is the 172nd Tank Battalion. It consists of 16 x T-72 battle tanks, 4 x BMP-2 APCs plus 2 x SA-13 and 2 x ZSU23-4 for air defence. The 146th Air Defence Battalion is to the north, it being an SA-2 battalion, although it is missing it's Spoon Rest.

You are tasked with destroying assets in both of these battalions thus having an impact on their capability and putting demands on the enemy's resupply system.

The image above shows the flight paths in the target area for all in this package. You can see known SA-2 positions, although these are believed to be inoperable. There may be other air defences at the targets and the SEAD escort shall need to clear the route for the two strike flights.

Cowboy 4 and Falcon 4 are from the 107th squadron and Lobo 2 is from the 4329th squadron, both at Hezarim AB.

Package 19188
Cowboy 4 and Falcon 4 are four ship AI flights. MS is for destruction of an average of 4 targets per pilot, with PS for a 2 per pilot average.

Lobo 2 is the four ship SEAD escort and Package Commander.
MS is no SAM losses (including SA-13) plus 3 ground targets per pilot. PS is given for 3 ground targets per pilot.

IDA will be from Lobo 2.


TO for Lobo 2 is 08:14hrs with cruise altitude at FL250. IDM 1, VHF 1, tacan 11/74.

TO for Cowboy 4 is 08:16hrs with cruise altitude at FL260. IDM 2, VHF 2, tacan 16/79.

TO for Falcon 4 is 08:18hrs with cruise altitude at FL270. IDM 3, VHF 3, tacan 21/84.

Flight path is fixed for mutual support.

The weather is fair at home plates and good at the target.

Weapons choice is free, although the use of HARMs should be minimised where possible to save stocks.

Good Hunting


Flight Leads in this Sunday's official campaign mission, "ITO 2018 Mission 13" are requested to post a debrief of their flights actions, including any lessons learned or that should be learned by others.

Please put the following information at the top of your post:

Flight Role: (SEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, Etc..)
Callsign11: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign12: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign13: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign14: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT


5   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Floyd Posted - 15 Jan 2018 : 16:02:52
Flight Role: SEAD/AI
Lobo21: "Griffin" AA=0 AG=1 RTB
Lobo22: "Floyd" AA=0 AG=6 RTB
Lobo23: "Utopic" AA=0 AG=5 RTB


#1 experienced a lot of lag, so #2 took over and #3 joined later from
Falcon flight. Ingress was uneventful and #2 could finish three attack
runs for 6 Mav shots when #3 reached the target area. Knowing
that Falcon had GBUs loaded they were asked to coordinate with
#3 for the attack. Aftermath showed that the battalion was down to
3 tanks and 1 bdm.
utopic Posted - 14 Jan 2018 : 22:17:34
Flight Role: AI
Falcon41: "Utopic" AA=- AG=- RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Falcon42: "Aim" AA=- AG=- RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Falcon43: "Zipgun" AA=- AG=- RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT


We saw Griffin warp while he taxied and we were holding, and started the takeoff when our turn come.

I was first to roll, yanked too hard on the stick and had a tail strike which meant that I rolled beyond the runway where I shut down.

I went back to 2D, tried to commit to the #4 seat, but got a CTD.

Went to desktop, reconnected (first 2 tries got me a connection timeout) and then noticed that #1 and #4 were RTB so I couldn't commit again with Falcon.

On Zip's suggestion, I committed to Lobo as #3, and flew as Lobo23.
Fisty Posted - 14 Jan 2018 : 22:02:53
Flight Role: SEAD/AI
Cowboy41: "Fisty" AA=2 AG=2 RTB
Cowboy42: "Echion" AA=0 AG=1 RTB
Cowboy43: "Mango" AA=0 AG=3 RTB


Ingress went as fragged and the flight held at STP5 whilst lead went in hot with a Delilah on the target SA2. As the missile approached, lead saw that the Fan Song was not there, so selected a SA2 launcher. Then fired the 2nd Delilah at the suspected SA2 East of target STP. Again no SA2, so selected an AAA gun. Then declared SA2 picture clear and cleared in the AI flights. The rest of Cowboy 4 then attacked a moving AAA battalion, south of the Airfield, with some success, although this was marred by warping. Somtime after, whilst CAPping, Lead picked up a Mig29 2-ship hot from the northeast. #2 was called off the AI and to rejoin lead to support, then we sprinted for the Migs. Lead fired 2 in TWS mode, and #2 fired 1, Mig leader was killed and the trailer damaged, so #1 finished him off. #3 then reported his jet bent by AAA fire, so we flowed south to rejoin him and guide him back to Homeplate. #1 and #2 landed without a hitch, but #3 landed ok, but his AOA was too steep and he had a tailstrike. There was no engine fire, but unfortunately he exploded just as he parked, also taking out #2 and #2.
Griffin Posted - 11 Jan 2018 : 17:57:25
There is the option to use one of the current F-16I flights as that and swap MS/PS criteria.

Fisty Posted - 11 Jan 2018 : 14:24:29
Griffin, would it be possible to also frag an Israeli SEAD flight as an alternative? I'd prefer to go after the SA2 with Delilahs. Whichever flight then gets used, we can just delete the other. Not a problem if it's too late.

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