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 ITO 2017 Mission 10 (10 Dec 17)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Fisty Posted - 06 Dec 2017 : 18:56:57


The push northwards along the Western coastline has almost ground to a halt, caused by some fairly determined and well -supplied enemy paramilitary groups. They continue to elude our satellite and reconnaissance flights, melting into the desert before they can be pin-pointed and re-appearing later, several miles away to strike our supply lines, stalling the advance.
CHIS (Covert Human Intelligence Sources) inform us that these paramilitary/terrorist groups are being supported by the Syrian Army Logistics chain, using local Military bases to rest, recuperate and re-arm between attacks.
We are tasked with denying these terrorist groups any form of respite by destroying known Military Supply/Training camps.

From the Tactical Imagery of AO, a AAA Battalion can be seen at the southern Base, Qantara Camp, whilst Quid Camp to the Northwest lies unprotected and should be easy pickings. In addition, a Hezbollah Rocket Battalion is positioned to the west. Once Primary objectives are completed, provided fuel allows, authority is granted for all flights to expend any remaining munitions on this unit, to harass/deny them the opportunity to enter the fight.
The package will consist of 2 Strike flights and a SEAD Flight. Specific objectives are:

  • VIPER1 Primary Tgt: Quid Camp -- Departs from the 107th IAF Sqn @ Hatzerim -- Payload is free = currently loaded with GBU-24/B

  • COBRA1 Primary Tgt: Qantara Camp -- Departs from the 107th IAF Sqn @ Hatzerim -- Payload is free = currently loaded with GBU-24/B

  • AVENGER1 Primary Tgt: 6th Towed AAA Bn Hezbollah -- Departs from the 4329th @ Hatzerim -- Payload is free = currently loaded with GBU-12/B


Flight		Task	        TO            PP          TOT       IDM VHF	TACAN	FL	Laser Code
VIPER1		AI	      02:34         02:42        02:51        1    1	11/74	200	161*
COBRA1	        AI	      02:35         02:43        02:52        2    2	16/79	220	162*
AVENGER1	AI	      02:33         02:41        02:49        3    3	21/84	270	163*

1. Although weapons are not fixed, it is recommended that AVENGER1 utilises GBU munitions, rather than high-value Anti-Radiation missiles, which should be saved for high-threat targets. Weather at TGT is clear, providing ideal conditions for Laser Guided Munitions.
2. IAF Strike aircraft are loaded with additional A-A weapons in the event that package is threatened by enemy fighter aircraft.

Mission success:
VIPER1: Ammo Dump & Radar + => 2 Barracks Destroyed PARTIAL = Ammo Dump Destroyed.
COBRA1: Depot, Ammo Dump & Radar Destroyed PARTIAL = Ammo Dump Destroyed.
AVENGER1: 6th Towed AAA Bn - 3x Ground Kills per pilot (including Firecan) PARTIAL = Firecan destroyed. MF = Any loss to 6th Towed AAA Bn.


Flight Leads in this Sunday's official campaign mission, "ITO 2107 Mission 10" are requested to post a debrief of their flights actions, including any lessons learned or that should be learned by others.

Please put the following information at the top of your post:

Flight Role: (SEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, Etc..)
Callsign11: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign12: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign13: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT
Callsign14: "Pilot's name" AA=X AG=X RTB,MIA/KIA,EJT

4   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Fisty Posted - 11 Dec 2017 : 22:34:10
Flight Role: STRIKE
Viper11: "Fisty" AA=1 AG=1 RTB
Viper12: "Echion" AA=0 AG=1 RTB
Viper13: "Mango" AA=0 AG=2 RTB


We got up there, dropped one bomb each on the primary target. After a quick BDA, decided there was nothing left worth hitting, so went after the Hezbollah Rocket Bn, but couldn't find it. Turned north and found a juicy Armoured battalion north of Sur, so Echion and I dropped our bombs on that, but missed both. Mango got a hit no a Firecan (but I don't know where!).

We then heard that Avenger1 were AA against some 25s, so offered support, turned hot and started tracking one. Called it in but Zipgun advised that it was already engaged, so I just monitored. Then he turned hot and started painting me, so the bugger got what's good for him with a slammer right up his pipe. Sorry Zip, but he started aiming at me.

RTB was uneventful. Straight in approach at Homeplate.

Very enjoyable mission.
utopic Posted - 11 Dec 2017 : 20:20:43
Flight Role: SEAD/AI
Avenger11: "Utopic" AA=0 AG=5 RTB
Avenger12: "Zipgun" AA=1 AG=11 RTB


Took off and when getting at our target area, neither batallion was there. Headed north, and started engaging targets there, with #1 going for AAA units and #2 going for a tank battalion.

After the second pass I got nails 25, went AA and handed off 1 bandit to Zipgun - afterwards I tried to acquire the 2nd one, but was too close and couldn't pick him up.

Turned cold, ended up dragging the remaining 25 south, with Zipgun clearing my 6 - however Fisty was closer and gave the killing blow.

Returned to engaging AG, completed the attacks and then RTBed.

Good mission!
Fisty Posted - 06 Dec 2017 : 22:29:43
Copy that, the Military Bases are Syrian, but we'll have to check the ACMI/Debrief for SEAD kills.
Griffin Posted - 06 Dec 2017 : 19:13:17
Be aware that Hezbolah kills don't get listed in your debrief summary. You'll have to dig into individual timelines to get your results at the end of the mission.

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