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 185th VFS SOP 2 - BMS 4.33.5 Install & Setup

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Vosene Posted - 07 Nov 2015 : 20:28:45
185th VFS SOP 2 - BMS 4.33 Update 5 Installation & Setup SOP

As of the 16th March 2018, the 185th VFS fly install standard BMS 4.33 Update 5.


1. Installation of BMS 4.33 Update 5 is fairly straightforward. It works fine with Windows 10, 8 & 7 and with both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The 185th flies the 64-bit version of BMS therefore you must have a 64-bit OS that is compatible with BMS 4.33 to be a member of the Sqn.

2. You will need Falcon 4.0 installed, BMS 4.33 Update 1 (Base Installer) and Incremental Updates 2-5 installers (all separate files). If you don't already own a copy of Falcon 4.0, it can be purchased from GOG for a very low price. Once you have Falcon 4.0, install it. There is no need to run Falcon 4.0 but you must keep it installed on your computer for BMS 4.33 Update 5 to be installed. It also does a check for the Falcon 4.0 install each time you run 4.33 Update 5.

3. Once you have download the BMS Installer and updates and have Falcon 4 installed, simply run the BMS 4.33.1 Installer and follow the instructions then install updates 2, 3, 4 and 5. For more detailed install instructions see Pages 3-12 to 3-18 of the BMS Manual Change 1.1.

4. If you are converting from BMS 4.32 or 4.33 baseline, you can copy your logbook and DTC files across as well as other files in accordance with the instructions on Page 3-17 of the BMS Manual. Do not copy across any files other than those listed as these will cause issues in BMS 4.33 Update 5.

Falcon BMS Config file Setup

5. Once BMS is installed, you will need to edit your Falcon bms.cfg file. Change the following lines in your Falcon bms.cfg file (...\Falcon BMS 4.33U1\User\Config):

set g_bPlayIntroMovie 0
If this is set to 1 change it to zero to avoid the intro movie playing every time you launch BMS.

set g_bHiResTextures 1
Set this to zero if you have a computer with a fast CPU so you can enjoy hi-res textures.

set g_bNoAAAEventRecords 0
Change the default value of 0 to 1 (Removes recording of AAA in debrief file, otherwise these will clog up your debrief)

set g_bPrettyScreenShot 0
Change the default value of 0 to 1 (Removes any text from screenshots you take)

set g_nF1TeamUiFreq 307300 // Frequency for F1 UI voice comms (for Force on Force type missions)

//set g_nF1TeamUiFreq 307300 // Frequency for F1 UI voice comms (for Force on Force type missions)

Copy and paste the line below into your Falcon BMS.cfg file:
set g_nF1TeamUiFreq 349000 // Frequency for F1 UI voice comms (for Force on Force type missions)

Change the 4 to a 6 in the line below to allow 6 minutes before taxi time in the pit instead of 4 when commiting to taxi:
set g_nTaxiLaunchTime 4 //Time before TOT to launch to TAXI (in min)

Add the following line:
set g_bClientServerConnection 1

You should not make any other changes to the config file.

In your IVC.ini file located in ..\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\Bin\x86\IVC folder, make the following changes:

#outsiders = seat
outsiders = all

#uhf = 307300
uhf = 349000

Running BMS

6. Double-click the Falcon BMS 4.33 icon on your desktop to start the software, a ‘Launcher Window’ appears that gives you a list of menu choices to select. Ensure you have the 64-bit executable selected in the top right corner. You cannot mix 32-bit and 64-bit executables in 4.33 MP and the 185th VFS currently uses the 64-bit exe therefore you must run this version when flying online with the 185th. After choosing the 64-bit option select the top item on the menu, ‘Launch’. Falcon BMS 4.33 will start.

Setting Up BMS

7. You will now need to setup the realism, graphics, sound and HOTAS within BMS 4.33.4. If you're stuck ask a question in the BMS 4.33 Technical Forum. If you are a cadet and cannot access the technical forum please e-mail our Cadet Training Officer (CTO) who will answer your query.

8. The Main Screen has several options across the top, one of which is the ‘Setup’ option. When you click this option, a ‘Setup’ Window appears that gives you access to four primary setup areas: Simulation, Sound, Graphics, and Controller.

Simulation Setup.

9. The 185th fly with a high level of realism. Set the Skill level to Ace then change padlocking from realistic to enhanced. Also, ensure ‘Smart Scaling’ 'Display Radio Calls Using Bullseye' and ‘Display InfoBar’ are checked. Finally, increase the default ACMI file size to at least 500Mb then click OK. See pages 4-25 to 4-30 of the BMS manual for more details.

Sound Setup

10. You don't need to change the default sound settings apart from turning the Music volume down to zero but if you want to change any of these setting to suit your preferences then feel free. See pages 4-31 to 4-33 of the BMS manual for more details.

Graphics Setup

11. Some trial and error may be required to get the optimum balance between frame rate and eye candy. Some of the options can be controlled from your graphics card software.

For graphics setup details see Pages 4-34 to 4-38 of the BMS Manual.

Note it is critical for MP purposes that you have Object Density set to the default level of 6.

Low frame rates can cause warping and stuttering issues for everyone in the MP environment. All members must ensure they adjust their graphics settings to maintain a minimum of 26 FPS in BMS including around airbases and when both the TGP and WPN pages are in use. Zipgun has provided a test TE and guidance on how to achieve this here and the BMS Manual Page 4-56 also has advice. If you are struggling to get acceptable FPS check out Page 4-56 of the BMS manual. You can switch on the FPS counter in game by pressing Alt C F.


12. There are so many different combinations of controllers that it would be pointless to go into detail here. Read the BMS manual pages 4-39 to 4-53 for details. If you are struggling to resolve an issue use our BMS 4.33 Technical Forum for assistance. If you are a cadet and cannot access the technical forum please contact our CTO who will answer your query.

13. If you are using a multi-monitor setup or external displays for MFDs etc. then check out the BMS Manual pages 4-54 to 4-55 for details of how to set these up.

14. Installation and setup are now complete. Check out our MP SOP for details of how to setup BMS 4.33 for online flying with the 185th VFS.

15. For links to BMS 4.33 manuals and a list of some of the key differences between 4.32 and 4.33 check this link.

4   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Vosene Posted - 16 Mar 2018 : 15:30:55
Updated to change Update 4 references to Update 5, which is now the Sqn’s Official Install standard.

Vosene Posted - 12 Mar 2018 : 00:28:23
Updated to include BMS Cofig and IVC.ini changes for IVC products updates.

Zipgun Posted - 01 Dec 2017 : 22:20:48
Just to add for those who host ... it has been reported that a host playing a movie can cause CTDs. If you host, delete all movies from the movie folder and run with -nomovie on your start shortcut.

All hosts (and clients) should have -mono in their start options to capture a monolog trace during your session. These logs will be stored in your User/Logs folder and can be helpful if there is a crash. Feel free to clean out old ***_xlog.txt files from time-to-time.
Vosene Posted - 01 Dec 2017 : 17:35:12
Updated to reflect BMS 4.33 Update 4 as the official 185th VFS install standard

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