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 185th VFS Moves to BMS 4.32 as Offical Standard

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Vosene Posted - 09 Dec 2011 : 00:19:57
At a Senior Officer meeting on Thursday 8 December it was unanimously agreed that the Sqn would change the official install standard from Allied Force to BMS 4.32.

I know that this decision may mean a few of our members request a transfer to the reserves on either a temporary or permanent basis but the move was necessary to secure the long term future of the Sqn.

Allied Force development has stagnated leading to many of our members becoming disillusioned and Sqn numbers have been declining for some time.

The vast majority of our members have expressed their preference to switch to BMS and grasp the opportunity that it presents in re-invigorating interest in Falcon, flying with other Sqns and the chance to increase Sqn membership.

For those of you who are considering leaving as a result of this change then be assured that the leap to BMS is not as great as you may think and members with BMS experience stand ready and willing to make your transfer as painless as possible, including offering technical advice and any training that may be required.

We'll be producing a small training package, available for both online and offline training for anyone making the move from AF to BMS. I really do hope you choose to remain with the Sqn as we enter a new chapter in our long and illustrious history.


The final Allied Force mission will be flown this Sunday, 11 December from 1930UK. This will be an opportunity to say goodbye to both Allied Force and to any members who decide not to move to BMS.

After Sunday 11 December the Sqn will no longer fly Allied Force.

The first official 185th BMS mission will be a large scale co-op on Sunday 18 December and we will be inviting a number of other Sqns to join us, both to celebrate the change and advertise that we have switched to BMS.

We will then take a two week break for Christmas and the New year before Sunday missions begin again on Sunday 08 January 2012 with BMS when we will also be re-invigorating the CPL.

The is an exciting time for the 185th VFS. A significant number of actions were agreed at the Senior Officers meeting that will help to re-invigorate the Sqn and I look forward to flying with you all in the virtual skies.

CO 185th VFS

9   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Griffin Posted - 26 Dec 2011 : 11:24:30
Brilliant. TWO guys coming back. A nice Christmas present for us. I'm using an XX-45 at the moment Fiero, so give it a kick and get in the v skies.

Fiero Posted - 25 Dec 2011 : 13:53:59
Trust me Ghostrider, it's worth to give it at least a try. Becouse of BMS i will try to return as active member in 185th as soon i get a new Hotas. My old x45 is just not working correctly.

Ghostrider Posted - 25 Dec 2011 : 13:00:32

I have installed and tested BMS, and i am afraid to say there's a big disadvantage in my point of view, i.e. the nonsupport of my g15 logitech keyboard gaming display, but the rest is quite...


Allthough i can't make my F16 fly straight forward yet, not even with the autopilot, and that the landing and especially takeoffs in BMS is more challenging than a dogfight in AF, I'm looking forward to giving it a try in the new year.

Helldiver Posted - 19 Dec 2011 : 11:49:49
Ghostrider do not worry about BMS and come and join me on TS this week, believe me this conversion it's the easiest way to be from Falcon instructor to Falcon tourist (like me). But we don't have to give up, just try a bit more and it will be very rewarding in the end.

The only time you have more fuel than you need is when your jet is on fire...
When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying.
Dmans1 Posted - 18 Dec 2011 : 13:49:42
I can bet, that within the other squadron guys you could not find someone more negatively biased against BMS than me. Yes, i saw the good eye candy in the game but based on my previous online experience with FF,OF and BMS, i tried my first MP session, expecting the worse. And then i found out that the MP experience is even better than AF, and it was love at first sight.
The learning curve, for someone experienced in AF, is very shallow. Every new feature can be covered in 3-4 online sessions, and then that's it,you'll find out at that point that AF,compared to BMS seems to be obsolete.

The only drawback of the game, is that, unlike AF, you can no longer trully enjoy the game (frame rate-wise) with a low end rig.

If this is your case, i can't argue with you. If not, i really hope you give this sim a chance. I've always enjoyed flying online with you and you will be missed.


Blade Posted - 13 Dec 2011 : 07:29:28
Can we make you try it just once?
mango Posted - 12 Dec 2011 : 09:04:03
Ghost my friend, my impression was that you were getting pretty fed up with AF on our last flights together and therefore I find it strange that you state BMS as your reason for finally "abandoning" us. BMS is really a step forward and an improvement over AF, without having to start a new sim from scratch. For a pilot with your experience of Falcon the transition should be with very little effort, and the reward of using a vibrant modern sim with us in the 185th will for shure compensate you for that effort.So please give it some more thought, you are missed on our flights and unless you are generally fed up with flying (or with us...) I implore you to give BMS a chance or at least leave an opening to do so soon.
I will gladly return your Falcon4 disk (with special post) as you will be needing it for installing Bms...
Regards, Mango (I am sure I speak for many others in the squad)
Griffin Posted - 11 Dec 2011 : 19:15:43
Ghostrider... NO! Get yourself some BMS time and join us mate.

Anyway, RIAT wouldn't be the same without you and your "special" bottles.

Ghostrider Posted - 10 Dec 2011 : 21:33:05

With your decision to drop af and run the missions from next week completely in bms, i regret to announce my definate leaving of the 185th as an active pilot. don't worry (or i am afraid ), this doesn't mean we won't meet again. On contrary, i'm looking forward to meeting you guys again face to face somewhere and somewhen in the future.

I can't promiss, but i try to be online tomorrow as awacs for a final flight. If not seen before, i wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year, and may you increase the number of members with your decision.

the one who rid the ghost...

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