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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Griffin Posted - 04 Sep 2011 : 02:09:02
Do you know I find it amazing that we have so many visitors that don't leave any comments behind after their visits. Why? Therein lies the 64000 dollar question.

I noticed that in the last month Tracer (missing you friend) and PJC have visited but not posted anything. How come fellas? You have been priceless in the insparation you have given to the 185th in the past. Let's hear your wisdom now.

We know you and past members had the best interest of the 185th at heart, so what do we need to concentrate on (in your opinion) in order to keep the 185th alive?

Everybody's thoughts are so important to this thread.

15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Peebs Posted - 30 Oct 2011 : 15:41:15
Just to return to topic - I think I stopped active flying with 185th in 2005/6 ish; the main reason being that unforunately a lot of other things were needing more attention and online flying was the first to go. About this time I had a change in career and an addition to the family - so a lot going on!!

However the urge to fly again online is still there hence the odd visit to the 185th to see whats brewing. Flying online with other live flyers is a tremendous rush especially in the heat of the battle - drew a few comments from the other half whos sat in the other room watching TV!!

For me giving up 185th was due to RL commitments and not lack of interest, certainly the comeraderie on the squadron was next to none, boosted by the physical meets.

Maybe the interest in flight sims is declining?

Anyways to you all, keep it up, the 185th is a great online community.


tiag Posted - 22 Oct 2011 : 10:42:27

We are already working towards the next BMS TE. I already wrote two more TEs (just need to finish the briefings). Vosene and FLs were already contacted and we are now setting a new date: 30th October or 6th November. I believe Vosene will announce that in the next few days.


mango Posted - 22 Oct 2011 : 09:25:58
Have we lost our momentum on the way to change? Having flown our MP trial flight last week I think its time to outline our next steps.
As I see it we have yet to verify a stable server with enough bandwidth to carry 16-20 players, there are 4 possibilities at this time: 1.Tiags server, 2.Dmans server 3.Wolfman has a lot of bandwidth that is a possibility and all these failing setting up a dedicated server (like AMVIs, admit I dont know what this entails).
Tiag has set up a trial flight Sunday (see ATO) and Dmans tried once, please mate set up another try. Wolfman we can try yours too. Only problem is you need multiplayers to test a multiplayer server (alas no short cuts!!) so please Gents lets have some cooperation it shouldnt take to long and we need to know were we stand.
Of course there is still the basical question if we believe BMS to be our best choice to move forward, my personal opinion, having logged a few hours on BMS (and on A10) is that BMS is the best choice at hand, not flawless, with quite a bit of developing yet to be done but certainly a step up from AF. Of course we could wait for a new multirole AC sim to come out or go to A10 or any other AC sim for that matter, but being F16 jockeys by preferrance I think BMS is our best bet at this time. Talking about jockeys bets and steeds, I will now "hedge my bets" by saying :the difference between AF and BMS is not so big as to make it impossible to fall back on AF if for some reason BMS should flop, but big enough to make going to BMS a big (and much needed) step forward.
If we can solve the server I think, next step would be to make a decision to "take the plunge" and immediatly fly Sundays in BMS reinstate Thursday Campaigns (BMS) make the necessary changes in IQT and start enrolling new pilots. There is a surge in interest as can be seen on the BMS forum and the 185th should be an attractive option for any new pilot. By the way cheers to Griffin and Lumper for seeing that we are still on the list.
Finally, no intention of stepping on toes, am afraid that even in BMS writing TEs wont be my cup of tea (to put it mildly) so will just have to live with my guilty concience and try and contribute to the squad in other ways." F4ever"( liked from the BMS forum)
Cheers gentlemen of the 185th, Mango
Reds Posted - 12 Oct 2011 : 00:32:08
Good to hear from you PJ and Tracer . I remember that photo reminds me of some good times at Fairford . Hear Hear .

Ballistic Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 22:20:34
And hello PJ - Some words of wisdom are always welcome from you mate.

Ballistic Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 22:17:55
Nice to hear from you Tracer - good on you taking the action to loose those pounds and having fun with it too.

Take care mate

Tracer Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 12:30:25
Hi Fiero nice to here from you to , ok then you know how damn addictive it's! I don't know how much i spent on airsoft but its alot! anyway the bennefit from playning it's well investe for my health

Fiero Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 12:18:58
Too late for me ;) I have G63K from JG (AEG) and Beretta from KJW as a side arm. Along with CWU 27/p flight suit (yea baby) and FSBE vest.
It's great to here from you again Tracer.

Tracer Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 01:33:18
So what ever you do guys don't try the airsoft it even more addictive then flying a simulator belive me!!

Tracer Posted - 14 Sep 2011 : 01:30:31
EEhmm !! I'm not that secret V just an PMC impression on that game

Originally posted by Vosene

You forgot to include the black box over your face Tracer.

Sabre Posted - 13 Sep 2011 : 21:50:22
Wow Tracer, major change eh... good on you... I am not going to mention the gun...

Sabre was here
Vosene Posted - 13 Sep 2011 : 21:29:16
You forgot to include the black box over your face Tracer.

Tracer Posted - 12 Sep 2011 : 23:02:57
Hi all here are Tracer -25kg or 50 lbs I got diabetes 2 for a year
ago and hade to do something radically so I gave up my fishing and started with airsoft which are a adrenaline kick in it self and
a plesant bonus is that you get lot of exercise, when you are hunting down you enemys you can walk or run easyly 20-50 km each time,yes its hurts a lot after but its worth it !!!

Vosene Posted - 12 Sep 2011 : 20:03:59
Great to hear from you guys. Had a good chuckle when I saw that photo of you tracer, not seen it for years.

Some great ideas but I don't have the time to pull this stuff together. Anyone want to volunteer?

Tracer Posted - 09 Sep 2011 : 23:36:48
Is't there a saying that you should eat slowly ? right

brgds TRACER

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