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 185th BMS MP Mission - Sunday 27 November

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Vosene Posted - 17 Nov 2011 : 20:37:54
The final MP test and official mission for Sunday 27 November will be flown in BMS 4.32.

There are 16 pilot slots and 1 AWACS available. Please sign up on the ATO if are going to take part.

If you haven't installed BMS yet you can find all of the details and files you need here

It is critical that the MP SOPs are very closely followed or the experience can be ruined for everyone. You can find details of the 185th MP SOP here.

Once again the mission will require a ramp start. There are some startup differences between BMS and AF so members are strongly advised to practice this beforehand. You can find links to BMS ramp start check lists and other other useful info here.

7   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
tiag Posted - 25 Nov 2011 : 13:26:02
It is not my intention here to make a huge polemic of it, but when flying with you, I have already seen you loosing your cnx two times during TEs (once TS was also disconnected). This is in my opinion an "unrelated" BW problem, since other times we flew together, your cnx was pretty much ok.

Glad to hear that your computer is operational again. Looking forward to fly the 2000 with you.


Dmans1 Posted - 25 Nov 2011 : 11:31:59
I have never had any "unrelated" BW issues with BMS.
In the flight Crowebar mentioned i found out the other day that i had forgotten torrent and emule open on a pc, so thateffectively ate up all the available upstream bandwidth. Even in that case, the issues only came up when things got hot, comm-wise, and it only affected TS comms. The game had no warps or other funny things going on.
I've flown large TE's in BMS with no other issues. By belief is with a good 512kbps+ upload stream you can participate in large scale BMS TE's and TS with no sweat.

PS.My PC is fixed, but i'll be out of town next weekend, so i'll miss this one.

tiag Posted - 20 Nov 2011 : 12:25:24
Crowebar, regarding your question on the IVC's BW, I donīt know how much BW it uses. I never saw such a kind of issue, except here in the 185th.

Dmans has also other cnx issues, as I have myself experienced when flying with him. It is mostly probably non-BMS related. I did not fly with Lumper until now in BMS, so canīt say about his case.

As I already wrote in my emails, I am out of town from tomorrow on until beginning of next week (back on 30th). So, unfortunately I canīt either help you with the IVC or fly the BMS test. Mango, Elmo and Griffin attended the training two weeks ago and they may be able to put something together. I think, however, IVC should be trained separately and not in a BMS test on an official night due to the potential chaos on comms for those who never used.

Crowebar Posted - 20 Nov 2011 : 11:29:06
Tiag does using IVC give equal bandwidth to comms? I haven't used IVC yet so don't know how this would go. Would it take much preperation to fly next Sunday using IVC with 250 connection?

I believe I am right in saying that both Lumper and Dmans1 have experienced the same issues and they are not UK based. However they are flying with UK based pilots.

I also wondered if there was a way of connecting at 250, and prioratising teamspeak traffic on my PC. But ultimately I felt that it wouldn't be a big issue for me personally as they are installing fibre in my town for the last 2 months. We hope it will be available in December and then (very jack but.... ) I will be ok.

But in conclusion, perhaps we should run the test at 250, but use IVC. And if this is very complicated would it be possible for a brief guide to be produced prior to the night so we can get going quickly. I realise you ran a training program Tiag but unfortunately other things drew me away out of my control.

tiag Posted - 20 Nov 2011 : 10:00:04
As I already wrote in my reply to Vosene and others, you did not experience comms issues with 150, because you had more BW free for your TS comms. But as soon as you get a more complex mission, you and all people flying with you will have a lot of problems. And we still did not start talking about IVC.

All squads in the world are flying with at least 250 and are not experiencing no problems at all with comms or TS.

From the comments and reports, it looks like to me that most members of the 185th do not have enough BW to fly BMS?! What to do in this case? With 150, the squad will be restricted to small TEs and wonīt be able to join any operation with other squads due to the BW requirements.

Therefore, as far as I am concerned, I think going back to a BW of just 150 is a "satisfaction killer". I would like to kindly ask an official positioning of the squad on that before the BMS test.

Novac Posted - 19 Nov 2011 : 21:55:47
So on Wednesday we flew a 2nd mission with a connection speed of 150. We found that all connected fine. All game data ran fine. Comms was perfect.

Might I suggest we try a 150 connection speed on this larger scale event next Sunday?


I agree with your statement above...

A year or so or so ago I had big problems with coms. My incoming coms were Crap! Outgoing OK. You tried to help me remember?

In the end I switched my ISP and chose a package for on-line gaming. = No restrictions to upload & Download speeds at peak times (Throttling)
Since then Ive had no problems with AF or BMS!

I know switching ISP's is difficult and not worth the trouble until the UK is brought up to the ISP standard in Europe!

So I agree with Crowebar, we should all try to connect at 150!!!

Too bad I wont be able to join the test due to work

Crowebar Posted - 19 Nov 2011 : 18:58:12
On Wednesday we flew a 4 ship in BMS and I experienced the same 'bad' comms as I have experienced every other time I have flown multiplayer BMS. The sound is so bad I end up more or less bimbling around the sky in my own little world, with all this illegible noise coming in my ears. And I know that others have similar issues. This is my only issue with BMS, and it is a big technical issue if a large percentage of pilots are isolated in comms.

So on Wednesday we flew a 2nd mission with a connection speed of 150. We found that all connected fine. All game data ran fine. Comms was perfect.

Might I suggest we try a 150 connection speed on this larger scale event next Sunday?

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